All prescription drugs have benefits and side effects.

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RxISK is a free, independent drug safety website where you can ...

Research a prescription drug to see what side effects have been reported in the 5.9 million reports submitted to the FDA, Health Canada, and RxISK.

Share your experience and get a free RxISK Report to take to your doctor to discuss whether the effects you are experiencing are linked to your prescription drugs. See a sample report.

No one knows a drug’s side effects like the person taking it.

You've been given a megaphone to tell your story and help change drug safety. Make your voice heard by reporting prescription drug side effects.

The RxISK team will use the information you provide in their mission to make medicines safer for all of us.

Your personal details will not be shared, only your experience.

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Find out if the drugs you’re taking are affecting sexual response, and feelings and attitudes to others.
Find out if the drugs you’re taking are linked to suicidal thoughts and behavior.
Find out if the drugs you’re taking are affecting your skin and nails.
Find out if the drugs you’re taking are affecting your behavior.
Find out if the drugs you’re taking are affecting your hair.
Find out if your symptoms are linked to stopping a drug.


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The Year of my Life that was Stolen (2015-05-19) — This post is by Katinka Blackford-Newman, who can be seen here running a half-marathon to raise money for RxISK but who also since the events described here has been involved in several criminal trials, believing that it is important that juries get to hear stories like hers when faced with the challenge of…

The Once and Future Abilify: Depot Injections for Everyone? (2015-05-11) — Johanna Ryan,, May 9, 2015 This column is partly a report on the marketing of Abilify, the atypical antipsychotic that has become America’s best-selling drug.   It’s also an appeal for advice and feedback from the RxISK and Mad in America communities, and a call for some…

Abilify, Tourette Syndrome and You (2015-05-04) — Editorial Note:  This post follows on from one of the most compelling RxISK stories ever - Abilify, Tourette Syndrome and Me , posted last week. It comes in two parts. The first by last week's author and the second by the series editor, Johanna Ryan. In our efforts to get our story told, raise awareness about…

Abilify, Tourette Syndrome and Me (2015-04-27) — Editorial Note:  This post is by DG.  Its number three in the Abilify series, following Dodging Abilify and Abilify: From the Inside Out .   I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome (TS) as a child.  It was always manageable.  I did well in school and was actively involved with music programs at church and…

Abilify from the Inside Out (2015-04-20) — Editorial Note:  This is part 2 of Johanna Ryan's series that started with Dodging Abilify .  Parts 3 and 4 and perhaps 5 will appear over the next few weeks.  Abilify is at present the best-selling drug in North America - how come? In last week’s column, Dodging Abilify, I described the fan-club enthusiasm for this…

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