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Find out if the drugs you’re taking are affecting your behavior.
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His Chemicals, My Imbalance: A Story about Love (2015-02-24) — Editorial Note: This is a post by the partner of someone going through the persistent sexual dysfunction isotretinoin can cause.  See Post-Isotretinoin Sexual Syndrome . It could be caused by an SSRI or it could be caused by finasteride.  It could be a man supporting a woman, or a woman supporting a…

Doctors Writing Scary Scripts... Saving Grace (2015-02-16) — By Joanna Le Noury Saving Grace is the latest romantic novel by Jane Green.  It tells the story of the perfect life of the beautiful, elegant Grace Chapman, married for 25 years to the very successful and respected author, Ted.  Graces juggles stylish literary events, glamorous magazine galas, helps…

Dopamine & Addiction: Junkies of the Third Age? (2015-02-09) — The last set of posts have brought stimulants and dopamine into the frame.  In the 1960s and 1970s while stimulants were becoming controlled drugs it was nevertheless denied that they caused dependence. It is now clear that the closely related dopamine agonists, increasingly the first line…

A Blast from the Past:  Amphetamines for Weight Loss (2015-02-02) — Author: Johanna Ryan The story below, a first-person account of life on (and off) amphetamine “diet pills,” was written over forty years ago.  It couldn’t be more relevant.   Under the cover of a public-health crusade against obesity, drug companies are bringing back old-fashioned “speed” in…

The Show Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings (2015-01-26) — Editorial Note:  This post is by Johanna Ryan. As 2015 dawns, the specter of Corporate Personhood, sanctified by trade treaties which put patents and profits above the needs of us humans, seems to be drawing ever closer.   Our latest wake-up call came from the respected French drug safety journal…

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